Knee pains in Patagonia.

On the flight to Argentina, my knee was in extreme pain from sitting with my knees bent for an extended period of time. Suffering from an injury I acquired two weeks prior to Zakopane on my good knee.I became worried, would the injury impact my abilities to experience and enjoy my trip to Argentina. At first, I heavily medicated myself with ibuprofen, to be able to walk around the flat city landscape. The first five days I was taking over 1000 mg of ibuprofen. The pain in my knee was constantly when sitting with my legs bent or walking downhill. Always a sharp pain in my outer kneecap. I tried my best to ignore the pain in my knee and to engage in RICE to alleviate the pain.

After the fifth day in Argentina, I was becoming worried I would be physically unable to hike in Patagonia. I had been resting for two weeks straight and my knee was not becoming better, slightly becoming worse every day. I started researching about knee problems associated with running (Zakopane story). I stumbled on runners knee syndrome and ITBM syndrome. Reading about the symptoms associated with ITBM, deducing I was experiencing the symptoms. I immediately started to be filled with regret and felt ashamed. 

Last year in the summer of 2015 I had knee surgery on my ACL. My physiotherapist told me I had weak hips. She provided me with a list of exercises to do every day to strengthen my hips to prevent injuring my knees. Slowly after my one year recovery period from my surgery, I forgot about my treatment plan. 

Once gaining insight into the cause of my pain and realizing my physiotherapist told me this would happen if I stopped my training. Researching the exercises recommended for IMBT was the exactly the same as my physiotherapist recommendations. 

I started to work out my hips religiously every day. First thing in the morning, mid-day, and before I fell asleep. I would do hip addictions, side leg press, hip hikes, crabs walk, and single leg squats. Feeling better almost instantaneously after each workout. The body is interconnected and always needs attention


I am incredibly proud of myself to overcome my pain while traveling and hiking throughout Pantagonia!


I hope everyone enjoys my photographs from my trip! 

Thank you for reading this blog post.