Gone too Long

Throughout the past year I realized I had been lying to myself. I told everyone, including myself, that  I would write about my experiences onto my blog. Three of the twelve months in 2016, I've been traveling.  In June I received my bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of British Columbia.

The day after graduation, my father dropped my camera lens.  I took a road trip with my boyfriend to Vancouver Island to fix my lens. I managed to get amazing pictures. Still haven't wrote about it.

Self-portrait in Laguna Torre, Argentina. 

From July to August I photographed a few beautiful weddings in the Okanagan. Each couple with their own unique story, and each deserving a post about their day on my blog. From lavender fields to a country themed wedding, they were beautiful and deserve a blog post. 

At the end of August, my dear photographer friend, Liat, came to British Columbia from Toronto and we went on a week long road trip starting in Vancouver and ending in Penticton. I took her to the magical spotted lake in Osoyoos. No blog post. 

 In September I went on a week long road trip with eight cosplayers from all over Canada in the Rocky Mountains. Thinking about this road trip, I am lost for words. I have so much to say. I don't even know where to start. How do I even begin blogging about this trip! 

In October I spent 25 days in Poland with my family in Kluczbork and photographed my family members on my spare time. Of five of those days in Poland, I was hiking and exploring Zakopane with my friend Karolina. I took many lovely images that I would love to share. 

November 10th I took a plane to Argentina with my mother. We travelled through Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay for 23 days. I was traveling with a group of Polish people. This trip alone desires many blog posts. 

In the end, I have many things to write about. I just need to get over my writing anxiety and start writing. 


Self-portrait in Squamish, Canada.