Amanda's Bachelorette party in Tofino

I journeyed to the magical canadian town of Tofino British Columbia on Vancouver Island  to celebrate my sister's bachelorette party. Let me preface this by saying – you have got to go to Tofino! 

I hope you enjoy seeing this west coast vibe bachelorette weekend <3

Home for the Weekend

Amanda knew she was going to Tofino for the weekend, but she had no idea that our plans were to stay in a luxury cabin right beside Tonquin park.  She was greeted at the door with a glass of wine (her fav) - I love looking at the pictures of Amanda entering the cabin and being amazed by our accommodations for the weekend.  You would understand if you saw the view from the balcony, which  overlooked Feliece and Clayoquot island on the Pacific Ocean.  The balcony even had a hot tub. So naturally, on our first night there we watched the sunset from our balcony in the hot tub. First thing the next morning, while sitting inside having breakfast, we saw a Bald eagle fly by our window, and a baby seal in the water below!  

Tonquin Park

The entrance to Tonquin park was a two minute walk from our cabin.  The boardwalk to the beach is beautifully done. At some point we were able to see our cabin from the lookout point.  It was so stunning. The green enchanted forest.  Trees bigger than my arms. The moss covered landscape. Its the perfect pacific west cost destination. I felt compelled to do double exposure photographs of the group members, so I did! Beautiful ladies in nature, what more do you need! 

The Beach

Later we explored the town of Tofino, descending to Tofino Brewery Co. I decided to leave my camera home, so we used Amanda's Polaroid camera, and the pictures turned out great. To be honest,I actually regret not taking a photograph of all the polaroids on my camera! There must have been at least 60 polaroids, and they are hilarious! 


The photographs from the weekend were picturesque so  I wanted to share my experience on my blog! I would love to share all the images from this trip, but some things should stay in Tofino ! I had a great time with my sister and her friends. I am humbled by the amazing, caring, loving friends my sister has in her life. From the coordinating to the polaroids, it was all perfect.  More importantly, we are all looking forward to Amanda's wedding in Victoria , British Columbia this May!

Thank you for reading my blog <3

Lichon Photography

Knee pains in Patagonia.

On the flight to Argentina, my knee was in extreme pain from sitting with my knees bent for an extended period of time. Suffering from an injury I acquired two weeks prior to Zakopane on my good knee.I became worried, would the injury impact my abilities to experience and enjoy my trip to Argentina. At first, I heavily medicated myself with ibuprofen, to be able to walk around the flat city landscape. The first five days I was taking over 1000 mg of ibuprofen. The pain in my knee was constantly when sitting with my legs bent or walking downhill. Always a sharp pain in my outer kneecap. I tried my best to ignore the pain in my knee and to engage in RICE to alleviate the pain.

After the fifth day in Argentina, I was becoming worried I would be physically unable to hike in Patagonia. I had been resting for two weeks straight and my knee was not becoming better, slightly becoming worse every day. I started researching about knee problems associated with running (Zakopane story). I stumbled on runners knee syndrome and ITBM syndrome. Reading about the symptoms associated with ITBM, deducing I was experiencing the symptoms. I immediately started to be filled with regret and felt ashamed. 

Last year in the summer of 2015 I had knee surgery on my ACL. My physiotherapist told me I had weak hips. She provided me with a list of exercises to do every day to strengthen my hips to prevent injuring my knees. Slowly after my one year recovery period from my surgery, I forgot about my treatment plan. 

Once gaining insight into the cause of my pain and realizing my physiotherapist told me this would happen if I stopped my training. Researching the exercises recommended for IMBT was the exactly the same as my physiotherapist recommendations. 

I started to work out my hips religiously every day. First thing in the morning, mid-day, and before I fell asleep. I would do hip addictions, side leg press, hip hikes, crabs walk, and single leg squats. Feeling better almost instantaneously after each workout. The body is interconnected and always needs attention


I am incredibly proud of myself to overcome my pain while traveling and hiking throughout Pantagonia!


I hope everyone enjoys my photographs from my trip! 

Thank you for reading this blog post. 

Reflecting on my Instagram usage after my Interview with KelownaNow for their Sunday Social Connection

 Screen shot of my interview on  KelownaNow.&nbsp;

Screen shot of my interview on KelownaNow. 


I was thrilled when I received an email from KelownaNow asking for an interview about my Instagram account @lichonphotography for their Sunday Social Connection. The Sunday Social Connection interviews social media accounts from Kelowna British Columbia, Canada. The profiles are chosen based on their content, style, and interactions with the community. The interview questions gave me time to reflect on my interactions with Instagram.

Thinking about creating a blog post about this interview was tendious.Should I screenshot the interview? Re-post the interview word for word? Or should I talk about my insights from the interview?I chose the later because I want to direct traffic to my interview on KelownaNow!  The interview got me thinking about why @lichonphotography account is more successful then my other instagram account @kelownaweddingphotographer.


Why have Different Instagram Accounts? 

I have two photography accounts on Instagram. I chose to create two different Instagram accounts because my target audiences are different. My @lichonphotography account is for fine-art enthusiast . Whereas, @kelownaweddingphotographer is targeted towards potential lifestyle clients. Similarly, my website is marketed towards potential wedding clients. This explains why you don't see my fine-art photographs on my website.

Consistency on Instagram is very important. When you scroll through someones feed you should instantly understand the content they're creating. Usually an underlying theme is easily identified by the viewer.  My feed would look sloppy if I mixed my fine-art and lifestyle photography together.  Looking through @lichonphotography you can easily identify a fantasy orientated feed. Whereas, @kelownaweddingphotographer overarching feed theme is lifestyle photography. 

Funny enough, I don't think the @kelownaweddingphotographer account is consistent; which reflects my lack of motivation to update my feed. Even my Instagram name does not reflect the content on my feed. I chose @kelownaweddingphotographer in hopes to boost my SEO online (my name appears on googles search engine). Perhaps, I should call my lifestyle account @lichonlifestyle rather than @kelownaweddingphotographer. I have to give this some more thought.

 Right instagram account is my fine-art photography @lichonphotography  Left Instagram account is my wedding/client photography account @kelownaweddingphotographer

Right instagram account is my fine-art photography @lichonphotography

Left Instagram account is my wedding/client photography account @kelownaweddingphotographer

Why do I neglect my Wedding Photography Instagram Account?

The interview with KelownaNow was about my fine art account because I am constantly engaging with the fine-art photography community on Instagram.  I am always giving people genuine likes and comments on other accounts. The last year on average I post once a week on @lichonphotography.  I upload videos everyday on my stories. On average 100-250 people view my stories daily.  Giving my fans the behind the scenes look into my everyday life. My posts on average do fairly well with less effort, making my usage more rewarding. 

Whereas, @kelownaweddingphotographer is not nearly as rewarding. I don't have as many followers following my posts on the account. I don't engage with the wedding community on Instagram daily, I don't upload any stories, I don't put any work on the account, and I've never had anyone inquire for my wedding services through Instagram. All my inquires for weddings come through my website. Perhaps with more effort, I can make the wedding account more engaging and hopefully get another interview but with the focus on my wedding photography! 


Vicky and Patrick in Canmore Alberta.


Vicky Bunny Angel, a well-known cosplayer from Toronto,  traveled to the Rocky Mountains this past September for a week long trip with fellow cosplayers.  I was privileged to be one of the three photographers on this trip. Vikki's boyfriend, Patrick  from Tricky Love Photography, joined her on her adventure.  Their love for board games, and each other, is adorable.


When we were in the Rocky Mountains In Canmore, it did't feel right to not photograph them. I felt obligated to take photos of this beautiful couple! They have been together for three years and within those three years they have had three cosplay photoshoots together! I am happy to report, I am their first none cosplay photoshoot! 

Gone too Long

Throughout the past year I realized I had been lying to myself. I told everyone, including myself, that  I would write about my experiences onto my blog. Three of the twelve months in 2016, I've been traveling.  In June I received my bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of British Columbia.

The day after graduation, my father dropped my camera lens.  I took a road trip with my boyfriend to Vancouver Island to fix my lens. I managed to get amazing pictures. Still haven't wrote about it.

Self-portrait in Laguna Torre, Argentina. 

From July to August I photographed a few beautiful weddings in the Okanagan. Each couple with their own unique story, and each deserving a post about their day on my blog. From lavender fields to a country themed wedding, they were beautiful and deserve a blog post. 

At the end of August, my dear photographer friend, Liat, came to British Columbia from Toronto and we went on a week long road trip starting in Vancouver and ending in Penticton. I took her to the magical spotted lake in Osoyoos. No blog post. 

 In September I went on a week long road trip with eight cosplayers from all over Canada in the Rocky Mountains. Thinking about this road trip, I am lost for words. I have so much to say. I don't even know where to start. How do I even begin blogging about this trip! 

In October I spent 25 days in Poland with my family in Kluczbork and photographed my family members on my spare time. Of five of those days in Poland, I was hiking and exploring Zakopane with my friend Karolina. I took many lovely images that I would love to share. 

November 10th I took a plane to Argentina with my mother. We travelled through Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay for 23 days. I was traveling with a group of Polish people. This trip alone desires many blog posts. 

In the end, I have many things to write about. I just need to get over my writing anxiety and start writing. 


Self-portrait in Squamish, Canada.