Brittany and Tom Kelowna Winter engagement

Brittany and Tom got engaged in November of 2018. Tom was so excited when he picked up her beautiful ring from the jeweler that he proposed a few hours later in their home. Talk about adorable!💗

 The two met and fell in love in Vancouver BC and have been together for over three years. I’ve had the privilege of knowing them throughout that time and have watched their love grow, which is why I am even more excited for their wedding!

Brittany and Tom wanted their engagement photographs taken over the Holidays while they were in Kelowna so we went to Gyro beach so that they could have the iconic Okanagan lake as their backdrop.

It was snowing and terribly cold. I’m amazed we got so many picture in less than 20 minutes! When we got to the beach the snow flakes started to get bigger and the wind started to pick up, making everything much colder. As you can see, we brought their favourite wine to the beach. As the weather progressed we quickly captured them sipping on their wine.

Heart shaped tree at Gyro Beach.

Heart shaped tree at Gyro Beach.

Near the end, we started to use the red blanket more to shelter them from the cold, which ended up being the perfect prop. Getting hilarious pictures of Tom running back to the vehicle to escape the cold. The cold was a fun challenge and made for these unique engagement pictures. 

Special shout out to my sister, Amanda (who also happens to be Brittany’s best friend), because she ran around and carried all the things. She almost lost my umbrella to the wind and oncoming traffic, but we’ll let that go 😂

You can expect to see more pictures of these two!  The loves birds are getting married in the extremely photoesque town of WHISTLER, BC at Nita Lake Lodge. Talk about a perfect wedding! Brittany has great style too so I can’t even imagine how beautiful everything will be. Spoiler alert - it’s an autumn wedding with touches of burgundy, greenery and more!  I’m overly excited to be photographing their wedding - it’s going to be EPIC! 

I am honestly also just excited to see the beautiful, brilliant Brittany walk down the aisle and marry her love, and I can’t wait to celebrate with their amazing families.

 Brittany’s basically a member of my family (My sisters best friend). She’s like another sister to me. We’ve travelled together ( Nicaragua, Praha, Warsaw, Tofino), she’s met our family in Poland, she’s at our house every Christmas Eve, has saved me from a hilarious moment in Vancouver, hosted me and family in her home,  and countless other things. She’s an exceptional person who deserves all the joy and happiness. 

I can’t wait to see what the future brings them and how they will spend the rest of their beautiful lives together 💗 

Who’s ready for this EPIC wedding?!