Kelowna 2016 Dîner en Blanc

My mama invited me to go to an event called Dîner en Blanc. I quickly made the decision to go as I've heard great reviews about this event. I was excited to be part of this spectacle and it certainly lived up to my expectations!

Diner en Blanc involves a large group of people gathering together, wearing all white and dinning together in an undisclosed public space. Everyone who attends MUST where all white and bring their own dinning materials. The location not disclosed until last minute, so you can only imagine the suspense and excitement that was in the air! All attendees meet at  the assigned location, load onto the buses, which take everyone to the secret location. 

This years Dîner en Blanc was located at the Dolphins water front near the Grand Hotel. I essentially played paparazzi for my mom and I had so much fun doing so!  I followed my mother and her friends around the event. I was extremely happy (and relieved) that I decided to bring my camera with me! What a wonderful event!