Jazzy and Steven's Engagement Shoot

My first engagement session

I'll never forget my first engagement session. I was so nervous. My first engagement session clients were Jazzy and Steven. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to photograph their engagement and wedding in 2014. They found my photography through the University of British Columbia Facebook page.  I was extremely excited to photograph my first wedding with them! 


These engagement photographs were taken near sunset at Bertram park in south Kelowna. Bertram is a fantastic location for a photoshoot. Many different background options to choose from! Aren't they just such a beautiful and stunning couple?! I wish them a life time of happiness, health and love!


People I've met at UBCO

People I've met at UBC Okanagan

Every year the Okanagan campus is beautifully decorated with blooming flowers at the end of the winter semester. I obsess over these flowers. The last five years I was too busy with school to give these flowers extra attention. My last year at the university I decided the time was now. 

I did not have the energy to take fine art images on campus. A lovely idea popped into my head. Take photographs of people you know on campus. Over the years I've met many lovely people from UBC. Enough to start this small personal photography project.